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We write about Economics, and we’re also related!

Robert Gebhardt

Ocean Gebhardt grew up in Switzerland and the US, where he spent a decent amount of his time fighting with his younger sister. He later worked for UBS in Switzerland and Synovate in South Korea before receiving his Master’s degree from Cornell University. This is where he discovered his passion for Economics and hasn’t shut up about it ever since.

Ocean has published articles for The Current of Cornell University, was a columnist for the International Affairs Journal and was also published in the Corriere del Ticino.

Rebecca Gebhardt
Rebecca Gebhardt also grew up in Switzerland and the US, where she learned how to pin the blame on her older brother in various different circumstances.
She studied Classics at Vassar college, where she also learned that communists are alive and well in American academia. Having had friends who defected from Soviet countries, and with fresh memories of having radio stations blocked by the soviets, she decided to put her foot down and rant about it online.

Ocean divides his time between Portland, OR and Taipei, Taiwan.
Rebecca lives and rants in London with her patient husband, Giuseppe.

To DumbAgent.com we bring our shared belief in free markets, rational economics, and human intelligence to make the right choices (or learn from the wrong ones).

Connect with us!

Ocean: @Oceanlugano

Rebecca: @Rgbrizi

This website started as a discussion board around the Dumb Agent theory of economics. We have since expanded in to broader topics, always related to economics in every day life. We share here, however, a word on our roots: Introduction to the Dumb Agent Theory

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  2. iren

    My name is Iren.
    I was reading through your blog and think its great!

    I was wondering if you had any thoughts about collaborating or featuring guest posts? I’m currently looking for partners to work with for a big insurance brand who is one of our clients, and if you’re interested, it would be great to discuss further.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you into the future.

    Kind Regards,


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