Private vs Government Websites

As told by Reason:

The ProPublica site features a simple search box beneath the question: “Has your health professional received drug company money?” The federal government’s Open Payments site features a six-step instruction manual about how to search:

1.     Click on the file labeled, “General Payment Data with Identifying Recipient Information – Detailed Dataset 2013 Reporting Year.” This will display a table where the first column reads, “General_Transaction_ID.”
2.     To the right of the table you will see a sidebar labeled, “Filter.”
3.     In the first white box, you will see “Teaching_Hospital_Name” and a down arrow next to it. Click the first down arrow (circled in red on the screenshot). This will open up a dropdown menu where you can “Select a column to filter by.” Scroll down the list using the scroll bar on the right until you see “Physician_First_Name.”
4.     Select “Physician_First_Name” and enter the first name of your doctor into the text box that appears under “Physician_First_Name.” Press Enter or Return.

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