Clueless & Helpless – Rabbit disaster plan

“”Fire. Flood. Tornado. Air conditioning going out. Ice storm. Power failures,’ Hahne said, listing a few of the calamities for which he needed a plan to save the rabbit.”

You read that correctly: it says rabbit, singular. Not zoo.

Marty Hahne, stage name Marty the Magician, is affected by USDA regulation intended for zoos and circuses, now applied also to “animal exhibitors”, such as the one-man magic show. The rules have evolved – so to speak – from obtaining a license (onerous enough on its own) to also requiring a disaster plan. In fact should you be so inclined you can read all the 14 pages of regulations written just for rabbits. Which, however, do not apply to rabbits intended as food.

“You’re telling me I can kill the rabbit right in front of you,” Hahne says he asked an inspector, “but I can’t take it across the street to the birthday party” without a license?

What if he forgets how it works?

What if he forgets how it works?


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