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Do you use Amazon?

And do you like our website? If so, please feel free to use the link on the right here: ——————————————————–>

If you just start your Amazon search here, you can click around all you like and buy what you need. It doesn’t cost you anything and it’s a way to help us out, since then Amazon gives us a (small) percentage of whatever you spend.

We appreciate any help we can get, and this one doesn’t cost you anything, so we’re taking the time to be nice and compliment our great looking intelligent smartly dressed readers and ask them to help us by not spending anything.


This is not a video

April Fool’s!

Actually, this is a video. If you are wondering about our new book, and don’t feel like reading it in order to make a preliminary opinion, take a gander at this video of Dumbagent’s first Dumb idea, wherein we teach you how to go local and get rid of that pesky immigrant problem all at once.

And remember, you still have 24 hours left to pre-order right here:

So buy a copy for all your friends!

Sexy is out… Happy is in!

That’s right. And to celebrate, our new book is launching: Bringing Happy Back to Economics.

This book is available for Pre-order here. You can pre-order at the discounted price, so instead of $12, you can have it for 7.99.

This is only valid before the launch date of April 2nd, so order it now!


In the meantime, we leave you with a happy Cover:


Pre-order your copy here.

The Perfect Christmas Present

With Christmas right around the corner, we know you are all wondering what to buy your loved ones (and not-so loved ones) for this holiday, so we wanted to make that search easier for you. In fact, we will just tell you what to buy and provide a link, so you don’t need to spend any more time on it and can go on to other things, like decorations and caroling.

Since this is personalized, we are using Cookies, tracking software, biometric information and Google satellites to determine what presents best suit you and your loved ones. Once this is processed, we post the result here below:

…And, it looks like your shopping has just become much easier! The one and only present you should buy for everyone on your list is Bringing Sexy Back to Economics! This is an excellent book, which we have recommended in the past. Entirely not due to the fact that I wrote it.

So go ahead and buy it now here, so you can start drinking eggnog.

Our Book, Full

Get Ready for our New Book!

Yes that’s right! Our book, both new and improved at the same time, will finally be released (soon)!

Yes that’s right! Our new book still hasn’t been released!

So anyway, we figured the best way to keep every up to date would be to just shoot you an email once it is out. Then we thought, hey, if they’re really interested, we’ll let them know ahead of time so they can buy the book at a discount!

So that’s what we’re doing. Just go to and enter your email address, and we’ll give you early notice so you can buy our new book at a heavy discount*.

* Selling or sharing email addresses is definitely NOT sexy, so we won’t engage in any of that sort of behavior.